Hanging At The Beach

The beach is a fun and exciting place to go just to hang out and enjoy the day.

Choose The Right Beach

What are you looking at?

Ever notice how when a good looking gal goes by on a bike, let's just say on a cute pink beach cruiser, every guy has to look? They all have to check and measure her beauty, if she is worth a second look. But most of all they want to know if she is irresistible. That, my friends, is what hanging on the beach is all about – for single guys, that is.

Keeping tabs on it

Sure, I know that some people will try and tell you that when they hang around on the beach all day, they are simply doing a service for their community. They are keeping an eye on all those questionable types that hang around the beach all day. But to them, they are just a couple of good guys who happen to see plenty of bikinis along the way.

The beach patrol

Of course, the only guys who really do have a reason to be on the beach all day checking out the bikini tan lines of the young ladies is the valiant Beach Patrol. They walk along the beach, chatting up the girls and eyeing those tanned smiles. Why, it can be hard for an ordinary guy to get a gal's attention with them around.

Muscle beach

Have you ever noticed that the muscle guys at the beach don't really notice the ladies unless one just happens to walk right up to them? On the whole, they are too busy checking out each other's muscles and comparing protein shake recipes to notice some beautiful beach gal checking them out.

So while the beach may indeed be a great place to look at beach bikes and bikini babes, you have to pick your beaches. Not too busy, not too crowded with muscle guys, and certainly not the ones where the Beach Patrol comes nosing around every hour. Those guys can really cramp your style!